Jumat, 24 September 2010

flood disaster

The rain which fell on Friday, September 24 lasted approximately 1 hour. High-intensity rainfall flooded the streets in Makassar, South Sulawesi. As a result, congestion occurs at some point. Seeing the above, let us together go green campaign program. Because the earth does not belong to all of us who live on or today, but belongs to our children and grandchildren someday. Let them enjoy the fresh air, enjoying the warm sunshine, and enjoy the rain that fell with the right predictiont and proper season.
Do not let a disaster like this again. Comrades, let us keep this earth. This earth is old and will be damaged, but it can be repaired and needed awareness of all of us to fix it. Do not let the anger of the earth makes us ruined and extinct.
what should we do to this earth to stay awake and in stable condition?
1. Plant a tree 1 tree at least 1 person
2. Disposing of trash in its place.
3. Reduce the use of motorized vehicles
4. Campaign to go green program
This blog is also actively promote the program launched by the government to go green. This blog needs a sponsor. And for those of you who intend to, please contact us....

a palpable is the antidote for civilization. 

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2 komentar: on "flood disaster"

Cipu mengatakan...

flood has referred to disaster in English, so you don't need to say "flood disaster", it is enough by saying just "flood"

I agree with the idea of sustainability in this post. But I think it will be better if you elaborate it more, a general statement will lead to a vague misinterpretation. I suggest if such prescribed "go green" concept is explained thoroughly. I think by making it clearer, you will get sponsor for your blog. (But you also need to specify what sort of sponsorships are you looking for).

That's just my general input on your writing :)

mimien's world mengatakan...

thanks for your attention brother.... I really like a critic coz make me feel stronger and try to be better

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