Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

trapped inside train wreckage

Rescue are still struggling to evacuate passengers trapped inside carriages following a collision between Argobromo Anggrek executive train and Senja Utama business train in the Central Java town of Pemalang early on Saturday.

Witnesses said the evacuation efforts were hindered by the absence of a railroad crane, which was being dispatched to the accident site from the state railway company PT KAI office in the provincial capital of Semarang.

Head of the company’s Semarang office Sapto Hartoyo told said all the carriagees that were unaffected by the train crash had been tugged to the Semarang railway station.

At least 26.people were killed as the Argobromo train struck the Senja Utama train from behind. The business train was making a stop to allow the executive train to overtake it.

State insurance company PT Jasa Raharja said it would pay compensation to families of the dead victims and cover medical treatment of those injured in the train crash.
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