Jumat, 24 September 2010

register on clicksor

clicksor is is the second largest advertising company after adsense. Clicksor provides ad formats such as contextual ads, pop unders, pop ups, interstitial ads, inline text and so on. blog/web which do not use the English language can also list in this program. This evidence of kindness and openness Clicksor top bloggers and appreciate that there are varieties of language in this world.

How to be a publisher ??? 
Follow this simple way below:
  1. Visit Clicksor registration page to create Clicksor account.
  2. Fill out the form -> Submit
  3. Your account has been created -> click Continue to step 2
  4. Add your wesite -> click Add
  5. Enter relevant keyword of your site/blog  -> click Add
  6. Site or blog in pending status. Wait for 3 business day to get approved or rejected. 
I suggest you to open/check your e-mail address frequently. Because there will be an confirmation e-mail.

How to join referral ???

     1. Create an clicksor account (see the tutorial above)
     2. At Account Management -> click Referral center -> Publisher / Advertiser -> get referral links
     3. Put it in your website / blog, email signature, or wherever you want to put it.


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