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March, 2nd 2010

Command of knowledge in the subject matter (English) to be taught implies that EFL teachers should be able to translate the curriculum & syllabus
-          Curriculum          =   School  level curriculum
-          English syllabus  =  Standards of contents
                                      Standards of graduate competencies

Control of technical skills of teaching to facilitate students learning.
To be effective teaching, an EFL teacher is, like other subject teachers required to possess a repertoire of teaching skills.
-          Instructional planning skills
-          Lesson presentation skills
-          Questioning skills
-          Interpersonal & transactional communication skills
-          Closing teaching section skills
-          Evaluating skills
-          Skills of using language teaching media
Instructional planning skills should include
-          Statements of the goals
-          Statement of the objectives
-          List of needed material
-          Outline of the activities & description
-          Plan for reinforcement
-          Procedure and for record keeping

Changes/purposes of the implemented curriculum
Purposed of goals statement
-          Provide a clear definition
-          Provide guideline to teachers
-          Help provide a focus for instruction
-          Describe important & realizable changes of learning
Goal statements are generally divided from information gathered during a need analysis and reflect the ideology of the curriculum and show how the curriculum will seek to realize it.

Objectives are sometimes referred to as instructional objectives/teaching objectives/instructional which refer to a more specific & concrete description of purposes.

Characteristics of the objectives
-          Describe what goals and seek to achieve in terms of smaller units of learning
-          Provide a basis for organization of teaching activities
-          Describe learning in terms of observable behavior/performance
Characteristics of statement of objectives
-          Describe a learning outcome
-          Should be consistent with the curriculum goals
-          Should be precise and feasible

Lesson presentation skills
-          put a students into receptive frame (hit the iron while it is hot)and facilitate my physic, mental or emotional
-          hook the attention of the students to the course goal
-          introduce the lesson by the providing the information needed for students to gain the knowledge (form, function & meaning)
-          shows students examples: use labeling, categorizing, comparing, contrast, and ect. For clarification and explanation

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