Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

teens emotional development

Efforts to Develop Emotional Implications for Youth and Education Educational interventions in adolescent emotional development efforts to develop emotional intelligence, one of them using the interventions proposed by W. T. Grant Consortium on the "Active Ingredients of Prevention Programs", which is as follows: 1. Emotional Skills Development Ways that can be done to develop the emotional skills of individuals is a. Identifying and member names or label feelings b. Expressing feelings c. Assessing the intensity of feelings d. Managing feelings e. Delaying gratification f. Impulse control g. Reducing stress, and h. Understanding the difference between feelings and actions.
2. Cognitive Skills Development Ways that can be done to develop the cognitive skills of individuals is as follows a. Learn to conduct inner dialogue as a way to overcome problems or self-reinforcing behavior b. Learning to read and interpret the signals sisoal, such as recognizing the social behavior of the behavior and look at yourself in the perspective of the wider community c. Learning to use measures problem solving and decision making, such as controlling impulses, setting goals, identifying alternative actions, and take into effect that will arise d. Learn to understand other people's point of view (empathy) e. Learn to understand good manners, which behavior is acceptable and what is not f. Learning to be positive about life g. Learn to develop self-awareness, for example, hopes to develop a realistic self tentanmg. 3. Behavior Skills Development a. Studying non-verbal communication skills, such as communicating through eye, facial expressions, gestures, body position, and the like b. Studying verbal communication skills, such as a clear request, describe something to others clearly, effectively responding to criticism, refuses to negative influences.

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