Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

the power of rhetoric

Aristoteles mentions 3 ways to affect humans. First, you must be able to show the audience that you have a broad knowledge, reliable personality, and the honorable status (ethos). Second, you have to touch the hearts crowded; feelings, emotions, hope, hatred and love saying them (pathos). The experts call it the modern rhetoric of emotional appeal (emotional appeals). Third, you convince the audience by asking evidence or something tangible (visible). Here you approached the audience with his mind (logos). In addition, there are 2 ways more powerful belonging to influence others. Namely, entimem and examples. Entimem (Greek:, Allen, Au in and, Äúthymos, Au mind) is a kind of syllogism is incomplete, not to produce scientific evidence, but to create confidence. Called incomplete because some of the premises is removed. As you know that the syllogism has 3 premises. Major, minor, and conclusion. All human beings have a sense of pity (compassion) to people who suffer (premise: major). Your man (minor premise). The conclusion of course you have compassion for your people. For example I said, Help that children. As a human, you must have compassion when he saw people suffering., EXAMPLE is also an effective way. This is commonly used by manufacturers to influence consumers. But not fully used, too. As express some instances, you inductively general conclusions. Here is the example from the EXAMPLE which producers seek to influence consumers, (PROMOTION MODE: ON) 99,999 of 100,000 artists from all over the world choose http://mimiensworld.blogspot.com as the most popular site of all time. (this is campaign. isn't it? so why still seriously?)Here is the example of open or example trully promotion. 9 of 10 artists LUX soap. Thus, LUX soap is soap artists. Many things that must be considered in influencing others (not the hypnotist). of them is THE FIVE CANONS OF Rhetoric. Inventio (delivery), disposition (compilation), elocution (style), memorio (memory), and pronuntiatio (delivery). Advice from brother Aristoteles, Useing appropriate language, correct, and to make sense; select the words clear and direct sentences convey the beautiful, noble, and alive; and adjust the language of the message, khalayan and speakers. This must be supported by good acting in the process of delivery. Notice if your voice. And body language (body movement) during the talk
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