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February, 16th 2010
English in the world Today: Different context for Teaching

English as first language/native English/mother tongue (EMT/L1): United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Canada, South Africa.

English as Second language (ESL/L2): Malaysia (but now Malaysia use English as foreign language.

English as Foreign language (EFL):
Academic Rasionalism.
Develop our country: mastering the technology and to mastering technology, we should learn language. There are 3 status/language & policy in indonesia. They are
1. National Language
2. Local Language
3. Foreign language
English as an International language (EIL):
People study English because they want to use English to talk they want to communicate with other people around the world.

English for Speaker/Other language:
Different people with different language. Teach people that use different language to communicate.

There are 4 factors of the perennial thruths of teaching-learning process. They are, Teacher, Students, Material, and context of time & Place. There will be no teaching-learning process if one of them is absent.
Focus on the Teacher
The EFL Teacher
- Formal EFL teaching qualification
An EFL teacher is the one who is employed in an official capacity for the purpose of guiding & directing the learning experiences of pupils/students in English in an educational institution. Whether public/private. In regard to having completed a professional curriculum in a teacher education institution & whose training in teaching English has been recognized by the award of an appropriate
- The areas of TEFL teacher competence
Command of theoritical knowledge about language acquistion, language learning & human behavior.
Command of knowledge in the subject matter to be taught
Control of technical skills of teaching to facilitate students learning
Display of positive attitudes that foster learning & genuine human relationship
Control of intra-&intercultural awareness

- The roles he/she should play in the classroom
- The personality or characters he should have
- The kinds of talk he should say in the classroom
- EFL teacher development
Competence of the Teacher
- Pedagogic
- Personality
- Social
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