Senin, 13 September 2010


Currently, the Earth was hotter, polar melting and sea water volume higher. The trees are cut down. This is a serious concern for the human inhabitants of the earth. through this post, I invite all friends to back green earth. Support government programs to save energy, planting trees and hijaukan earth. This earth is not for us alone. We have a responsibility to take care of this earth for the sake of the survival of our children and grandchildren someday.

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cipu mengatakan...

cool post....

anyway it is not water volume that gets higher but sea level that rises.

actually you forgot one thing that contribute to global warming which is emission. The simple options for us are: use public transport instead of private car or motorcycle, encourage shared-car, walk and cycle if possible and be a slow + light traveller.

Upholding a simple life can also be an efficient alternative. Changing gadget only when it is broken, shop wisely instead of shop insanely,
change your mindset when you for shopping from "do I look cool with this?" to "do I need this?".
KISS (Keep it simple, Silly)

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