Senin, 13 September 2010

Indonesia got a big problem with Malaysia

Millions of Indonesian nationals in Malaysia uproar caused by the war issue between Indonesia against Malaysia. This problem arises due to the uprising of the problems that arise on the border of both countries. Malaysian parties frequently violated by entering the territorial sea of Indonesia.
This violation has occurred several times. Even the almost countless. Party guards diperbatasan feel very disturbed by this problem. What if the country entered the territory by citizens of another country? this is not a serious problem?
TNI (Indonesian National Army) declared ready for war and fight against the neighboring countries. It has very many problems faced by the nation of Indonesia. Among them is the problem when Malaysia claims that Indonesia is the national dance art and culture of Malaysia. Pedahal for hundreds of years, dance has become a characteristic of Indonesia, which is recognized by other countries. How can this happen? What is causing this to happen?

I hope this problem can be fix as fast as it can. We love peace... I love peace and You love peace...
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