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say no to corruption

Good afternoon brother, best wishes to all of us who attended this happy occasion.

First, let us praise and thank the Divine presence ALLAH SWT, because thanks to the grace and the gift is we can come together in this event.
Thank you to the maximum I say to the Governor of West Java and Mr Chairman of the Commission, and the government in general, which has given this award means so much to me. I never thought before going to get tremendous rewards from this country. However, all this is simply not the result of my personal business, but this award is the result of hard work with my colleagues who dedicate themselves to the struggle against corruption in this beloved country Indonesia. For us, the struggle against corruption is a struggle without end, the process of forming a nation is an established, open, and there is always "honesty" in the community chest, a nation that at some point actually become reality.

Before we get to know more about corruption, it helps us to know in advance the meaning of the word corruption itself.
Corruption comes from the Latin corruptio or corruptus. Corruptio derived from the word corrumpere, an older Latin word. From the Latin words that fall into many European languages like English that is corruption, corrupt; France that is corruption, and the Netherlands are corruptie, korruptie. From the Dutch language is the word down into Indonesian into corruption (Andi Hamzah, 2005:4). In Dictionary of Indonesian Language, 1991, corruption means rotten; false; bribes. However, I agree with the meaning of the word corruption in The Lexicon Webster Dictionary, 1978, which mentions the meaning of the word corruption is depravity, dishonesty, immoral; deviation from chastity.

Indonesia can be proud as a nation that has a diversity of ethnicity, religion, and culture.
Proud because nan was awarded the captivating natural beauty. Maybe too proud of the progress of civilizations past, in the era of the Majapahit or Sriwijaya. Proud of having to unite the nation, struggling together through difficult times and liberate Indonesia. But now, do it all enough for us to be proud of? Is there anything new or worthy of our proud achievements? Achievement that not all nations could easily rival it?

Ignatius Haryanto in an article in Kompas, invites us to record the latest achievements of Indonesia.
Achievement that is, our country as one of the most corrupt country for years. In addition, our country is also the most vulnerable countries by health koruptornya. Corruptor we always get sick every time to review or trial. Then, the UN concludes that judicial corruption in Indonesia is one of the worst in the world that may only be rivaled by Mexico. And ironically, from a variety of ways that have been already implemented, have not seen a good change from the condition of this nation. So what can we give to this nation?

The sun was too early to betray. Pen too quickly burning. The possibility now is to enlarge the possibilities, the impossibility of space. So that every person we meet again found no single point of possibility. To say not possible, until they dried blood. Before the eyes of a rusty pen, and refused re-filled. Before all the tragedy filled lungs, and the repetition of his own to find their meanings.

In the market, and pervade spectacle. Or maybe in waste and sewage. Or maybe in a uniform row of headstones. Or maybe in the liberation of 14-inch monitor in the style of a desire to offer dissent, in the style of Levi's and Motorola. Or tower theatrical Supermall. Soap opera composer committee Electoral Act make it funny about the ridiculousness of democracy, narrative tie. Mutilation mask with the chaos of liberation arguments about how to freshen habituation position ourselves in front of the figure of a pile of feces called free-market reformer of the world. And fair trade, to then treat life as academy, and castrated the sun, too early to betray.

And heroism changed its name to C4, Sukhoi, and fiction fenced constitution. Visit each prisoner and flower tributes neighboring tomb of the hero's grave. From idols to anonimus named bird Garuda Pancasila, which appeared on every site becomes a piece of rock that float on the shaft is parallel to the shield and protector guards the tomb of the pharaoh's face berkhakis. Which appeared 24 hours of sun and cloud exchanged positions on every corner, even in the general campus and gutters, look for the target consumer, and the homogenization of eligibility. So each number to be so and meaning. When we are shown every statistic and the muzzle of the weapon with thousands of units of SSK to maintain stability. Since black and white only valid in the eyes.

Obsessive reject Satan and God as embodied in the canon-canon chatter support a Big Mac and Ice Cream Cone is called "Buy, buy, purchase, consumption, our consumption so that you can participate in the efforts of child country for pilgrimage." Oh what a pulling the world that's for sure. Ensure that all life and a plurality of sheeting insurance contracts, with the promise of reward, with the promise of more value accumulation, the stock market, and with the semantic-semantic power that just means the regular period of time when representative at the parliament building began bargaining seats. Oh how beautiful the world is goes dawn insult points. So that the pawn-pawn to wallow in the back country of national stabilization of justification find a justification of their evolution to enlightenment channels berbentangkan the rockstar who are tired of complaining. Because the sweat dries invisible in the presence of pairs of flies giri markets and reflection window, and displays the idols, scale is more afraid of the dregs of hell. In between ripping a letter of recommendation of the donor countries, the designer of the law and the facts of anti-terror, the architects of the language of conquest, the freedom adorer, freedom which is only valid in the presence Flatron screen, mobile pluralism, democracy, the ballot box, and pluralism of the building collapsed.

Oh how great the world in front of rows of gravestones that castrated the sun, too early to betray.
So, do not allow me to die too early rotation O and a set of CD boombox frail. Do not allow me to discipline himself into the ranks of the army, O celluloid and narration. And by extension crumbs in your mouth my son, do not let me sleep menjagai every desire that I have remaining vessels today. By every letter in every fable that kututurkan to you before bed zahraku, mentariku.

Never let me stop visiting each tomb without unsheathed swords. Soundly asleep without one eye open. Without sponsoring morning parting wishes. Without the right arm and my left is a sun and moon, stars and sickle, hammer and sickle, the earth and sky, sea and trenches, and wing and a raft. So that the entire paruku shortness assemble every spikes most likely, enlarge any possibility of the impossibility of space, so everyone we met could not find another single point of possibility, to say impossible, without their blood dry up, before the eyes of a rusty pen, and refused to return filled.

And the sun no longer possible to double-cross castrated morning,,

Like a body, the Indonesian people are infected with a deadly disease, that is corruption! Because of severe illness, the Indonesian nation has become famous throughout the world. The penyakitan called. It is time we treat the body of this seriously, no more corruption in this country! Change must start from now! Maybe it can be started with a simple life away from this nation's motto, "Forward not afraid to defend the pay!"

We apologize if my remarks are not acceptable in your heart. Thank you for your attention. Yours respectfully

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