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national movement

Nationalism is understood that the view that groups in a nation has a common culture, language, territory, ideals, and goals. The term nationalism nation comes from the Latin meaning 'birth' or the various ties which are based on a single line of the same '. Meaning of the word nation later amended. In English, a nation turned into a nation which means 'nation' or 'a group of people who lived in a certain area, have the consciousness to unite, as fate, ideals, and common purpose'. With the components of the nation against nation and homeland that arise because of the similarity of history, religion, language, culture, government, residence and intention to maintain and develop it as a common property.

Liberalism is a priority to understand the individual's independence as a base of happiness in life. So, the central point of this understanding is the individual. Therefore, society must guarantee the independence of the individual because society made up of individuals. This understanding arises as a reaction to oppression by the nobility and clergy in the development of feudalism to absolute monarchy. At that time, each individual must submit unconditionally to the power of nobility and religion so that people want to break away and announced individual freedom. Understand the essence of liberalism against the emergence of national consciousness and attitudes of Asian and African nationalism is the core spirit is free to determine their own fated, the fate of every individual is an entity that is free from the influence of others.

Socialism is an idea which is not focused on individuals but on society as a whole. Understand socialism to see other people with similar degrees daj position himself. Socialism requires a society that collectively included (by us all, for all of us) in order to create a society that is happy.

Pan-Islamism is an idea which was formulated by the leaders of Al-Islam Jamaluddin Afghan from Afghanistan in the late 19th century. basically, the pan-Islamism is a manifestation of the ideals of the Islamic principles regarding the importance of unity among Muslims around the world, or commonly known as the al-Alone sitilah al-Islamiyya, or al-Ittihad al-Islamiyya. The principle is to see that Muslims are an integral entity and universities around the idea of pan-Islamism was to eliminate any difference in the world of Islam. However, the ideals of pan-Islamism is understood eliminated of differences of language, ethnicity, or culture that exist in Islamic societies around the world. However, to understand the ideals of pan-Islamism to fulfill a jama'a al-Islamiyya al-(Islamic unity) had obstruction. That's because in countries whose majority population of Muslims is being hit by the disaster of colonialism and imperialism of Western nations.

The view of democracy also has a share in the development of nationalism and national consciousness of the people of Asia and Africa. Basically, democracy comes from the Greek demos, meaning 'people' and cratein which means government. Thus, democracy berate a government coming from the people, by the people, and for the people. Democratic government is run by elected representatives. Democratic government is run by the people's representatives elected through general election mechanism. So, elections are a form of public confidence in their representatives to run responsibility. government given by these people. Basic characteristic of a reflection of the will of the people. In addition, people in a democracy have an equal right to get greatness (freedom & liberty). Community structure in law and society are equal; laws created to protect all the citizens of his community, without exception.
In addition to major thoughts above, other factors that trigger the awareness of population with nations in Asia and Africa are as follows.
• The memories of past glory dimas. In ancient times, a number of regions in Asia and Africa had experienced heyday. Sense of pride of past glory that was uplifting to repel invaders and to establish an independent state like the olden times.
• There is an element of equality in the nation, such as equality of religion, language, indigenous traditions, as well as the fate of living equation prisoned by other nations.
•as shown of figures or groups of scholars in Asia and Africa, since the colonial nations to open educational opportunities for the natives.
• Japan's victory over Russia in the year 1905 is also encouraging other nations in Asia and Africa to oppose Western colonialism and imperialism. The victory of the Japanese people were triggered awareness can defeated forces of Western imperialism.
• The development of mass communication media such as newspapers and books which contain renewal ideas (nationalism).
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nice info sob..ada award tolong dilanjutkan

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