Senin, 06 September 2010

Malaysian Prime Minister reluctantly rewarded RI Travel Advisory

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia has not issued a Travel Advisory plan (advice on travel) to Indonesia. Prime Minister (PM), Malaysia, Najib Razak has said he needs to consult with Wisma Putra (Foreign Ministry of Malaysia) before issuing a plea of travel because it is related to the interests of both countries.
"We need to consider many things when going to make that decision. At this stage, we will not issue travel advice unless the situation is deteriorating, "said Razak, in his office, Wednesday (1 / 9) then.
"(Removing) a travel advice is a serious problem because we have many interests of the government, business and personal relationship with Indonesia," he added.
In the last month, the Indonesia-Malaysia relationship heats up. This is connected with the arrest of three officers of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) by Malaysian marine policy in the Riau Islands, Riau, August 13, which was released August 16. Following the cases of stone throwing 60-year-old Malaysian engineer in the oil palm plantation in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Sunday (28 / 8), as an act of sweeping or search Malaysians.
Reported, the incident occurred at 14:00. Five people use headbands that read "Down with Malaysia" came as he expressed slur against Malaysia.
Razak said there were no rules of strict and precise, when asked about the appeal of travel. "We will only declare travel advice if the situation requires it, when life was in danger or when we have information that there will be a very serious thing," said Razak.
Razak hoped this issue would be resolved peacefully and not for long, considering there will be a meeting between Foreign Minister and Foreign Minister of Indonesia Marty Natalegawa Anifah Aman Malaysia in Kota Kinabalu, 6 September to discuss the territorial sea of both countries.
Razak added, is very difficult to avoid problems between the two neighboring countries, especially when both countries have a vast territorial waters. "Of course, many problems will emerge from time to time. But we must have a position that if anything happens, let us resolve the issue and there should be no interference of other parties that will confuse the situation, "said Razak.

quoted from: Fajar Metro News
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