Sabtu, 17 April 2010

attractive offer 4 the blogger

blogvertiser is an attractive offer for the bloggers. I am including one who are interested in this blogvertiser. You will be given a job which you should resolve to get the dollar. easy way. Simply follow the steps below. After registering, a confirmation e-mail waiting and start working.

You will be tasked by the administrator to write a review on your blog. In your entry, you must enter 3 urls link to a web site on your blog. You do not need to support an advertiser's website products or services, just mention them in your blog and express your own honest opionion. You can relate to in your own life, a review site, a compliment or even complain about it, is entirely up to you. If you have not used the advertiser's product or service, you can only explain what they are doing or making. We recommend that you install some type of disclaimer on your blog that states you can earn revenue from ads and links on your blog.

Write a review about 2 to 3 paragraphs only and must be done within a period of 5 days. No smell of pornography that is because paypal rules. Very easy is not it? if bernat join click here.
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