Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

English short story

Nice Guys Finish Last

Billie Joe Armstrong is a sound man of Social Distortion Band. He lives with personnel of Social Distortion at car garage. He wants to be a famous artist in America like Social Distortion but he hasn’t a band. His mom is a nurse. Sometimes, Billie comes to hospital to sing his own songs to entertain the patients and the patients look entertained with Billie’s songs. Some of the patients guess that Billie is a famous musician but that’s wrong.
When Social Distortion goes to tour, Billie prepares their music equipments on the stage. He sets the drum position, strikes the guitar cable and tunes the sound system. When there are troubles in guitar, Billie must crawls to the front of the stage and makes it in good position. That is a boring job. In back stage, Billie always fancy that He is the famous artist and there are some sound man that crawling in front of the stage to make his guitar on good voice.
Someday, when Billie wants to go to hospital, He sees his old friend in parking lot. His old friend’s name is Mark. They are classmates when they were high school. Actually, Billie and Mark have ever joins in a band named Green Day, but Green Day was break because they never got drummer. Billie and Mark share their phone number each other. Few days later, Billie makes a call to Mark. Billie hopes that Mark can be able to come in Social Distortion’s studio to talking about the future.
Few days later, Mark drives his car to Social Distortion Studio. He meets with Billie and personnel of Social Distortion. They make some party and talking about music growth. After that meeting, Mark visits Social Distortion studio everyday, over and over and makes some lyric. Sometimes, Billie and Mark playing that lyric with soft punk rock music. Unconsciously, Johnny Benjamin, Social Distortion Guitarist, like to hear Mark’s lyric. So, Johnny Benjamin has a plan to record that song and make an album for Billie and Mark and Johnny Benjamin ready to help them to be additional drummer while Billie and Mark looking for the permanent player. They call their band with the old name that ever used, Green day. After recording, Green day distributing it’s album in some clothing wear. And it Album named “Nice Guys Finish Last.”
After Green day make an album, Social Distortion begin to looking for the new sound man because Billie has retired. One year later, Green day has so many devotees. Billie and Mark, the old friend, live in happiness and enjoy their business.
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